Quick Guide – Copenhagen & Malmo

Copenhagen is a beautiful quaint little city that is cool and hip and very eco-friendly. Bicycles have the right of the way over pedestrians and cars and a MUST if you plan on going to this lovely city.

Clean air and fresh fish, the city makes it a point to recycle and keep the streets as clean as possible. They might charge for a glass of tap water in the restaurant but rest assured that it is one of the most delicious glass of water you will have. Public restrooms are gratuit.

General Tips:

*Start the beginning of your trip with a Sandeman’s tour in Copenhagen. A fantastic 3 hour walking tour of the best historical sites in the city.
*Purchase a Copenhagen pass to get unlimited metro & bus rides and access to most of the museums and historical sites in town. Transportation to and from the airport is included in the pass. **Passes may be bought online and picked up at the airport Welcome center.
*The 5A bus is a great line that cuts through the city of all the historical spots, town hall, and meatpacking district. As long as you stay near a 5A bus line, you will be able to get through most of the city relatively quickly.

Where to Stay:

Norrebro – Residential, calm and multicultural area with great cafes and affordable restaurants. The lovely street of Jaegersborggade hosts a variety of restaurants and vintage shops. 15 minutes by bus to the City Center. $$

Vesterbro – Trendy district with cool clubs, restaurants and places to hang out. Fun if you want to stay where all the action is. Reminds me of the Meatpacking district in New York 10 years ago. $$

Christiania – Green and car free neighborhood. Close to the City-Center with lovely views of the Canal. Restaurants fill this lovely neighborhood with outdoor seating. $$$

Food Highlights:
*Best local bakery: Meyers Bageri (Chocolate Bread, Cinnamon Swirl, and Raspberry Tart) $

Coffee and pastries
Grab a coffee and pastries

*Best coffee: Emmerys (Cortado) $

Authentic Danish pastry
Authentic Danish pastry

*Best authentic Danish meal: Puk Restaurant (Home made Pickled Salmon, Selection of Danish sausages, Filet of Beef, Cod fish) $$$
*Best authentic Swedish meal in Malmo: Bullen (Swedish meatballs, Fish soup) $$$

Swedish meatballs
Authentic Swedish Meatballs


Heading to Malmo from Copenhagen:
*Take the metro to Copenhagen airport where you can buy a train ticket to Malmo. Alternatively, you can also buy a Family pass for two people which leaves from Central Station. **Please note that both options require you to go through the Copenhagen airport to head to Malmo.
*Bring your passport as you will be checked for ID before you board the Malmo train from the airport.


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  1. I heard of the recycling initiatives in Denmark and they are impressive ! A bit sad though that they charge for drinking water in restaurants. That said, I still want to visit Copenhagen and other parts of Denmark some day !

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