24 hours in Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva wasn’t always the top of my list to visit but somewhere I’d eventually go. When we found roundtrip train tickets from Paris for 80€ per person, we decided to head over and was pleasantly surprised.

We decided to rent a *** hotel next to the train station and it was extremely convenient to get around from Hotel Montbrillant as we had trams and buses directly across the street from our hotel. If you stay at any hotel in Geneva, you receive an unlimited transportation card for all public transportation gratuit.

After the hotel, our first stop was a great lunch spot called the Cottage Cafe where we had a delicious salad overlooking a small fountain. We booked a table a week in advance to score a great outdoor spot.

The Geneva Lake was quite beautiful and we saw plenty of people swimming in the lake or lounge around floating pizzas or donuts. Remember to bring your swimsuit if you come during the summer months.

Geneva Lake
Geneva Lake on a sunny day

If you watched the last season of Amazing Race, you would’ve known that one of the final challenges was the Flag Challenge in Geneva. I’ve always wanted to see if it would compare to the UN in New York but surely I wasn’t disappointed.

United Nations
United Nations

Food is a bit pricey in Geneva but we decided to splurge for dinner at Lounge Bar & Restaurant at Hotel de la Paix. The service was superb and the dishes were impeccable.


Heavenly food
Pêche du Jour

After dinner, we went for a leisurely stroll around the lake and it was quite lively with restaurants and bars. You could grab a cocktail next to the lake and people watch.

The next day we decided to visit Carouge, a small neighborhood to the south of Geneva and 15 minutes by bus. This quaint and artsy neighborhood felt residential with trendy cafes.

We brunched at O Calm Cafe for a nice outdoor brunch in the backyard. We tried the La Formule Brunch which included fluffy pancakes, muesli, eggs, juice and a coffee. Prices were reasonable.

Overall, we had a nice 2 day trip and will be back to see other areas of Switzerland.


5 Replies to “24 hours in Geneva, Switzerland”

  1. Sounds like you had a great time! I really enjoyed the Cottage Cafe and the lake was so clean that it definitely looked like a lovely place for a swim 🙂 I think Lausanne will be my next Swiss destination, or maybe Montreux!


  2. What a fun, unexpected adventure! I would love to visit Switzerland one day, but have heard that it’s pretty expensive?! I guess spending a day or two like you did wouldn’t be too hard on the budget.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Michelle! Yes it is a bit pricey compared to other parts of Europe but it’s a kind of a must stop especially when you are traveling around Europe. Can’t wait to share my other adventures with you! =)


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